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Episode 12: An Ode To Etta Candy

Etta Candy

No Wonder Woman character has changed quite as drastically over the years as Etta Candy. 

At one point, Etta Candy, Wonder Woman’s best friend, was arguably the best character in the entire comic. Even better than Diana. 

Later, as the decades passed, Etta became a shadow of what she once was, an unconfident woman who couldn’t measure up to Wonder Woman. 

In appreciation of the oft-forgotten character, Episode 12 of the Comics 401 podcast is an “Ode To Etta Candy!”

Episode 11: What It's Like Dating An Amazon Princess

Think Steve Trevor has always been Wonder Woman's beau? 

Well, you'd be wrong. Steve has the nasty habit of dying... a lot, leaving a romantic void in Wonder Woman's life that all sorts of men (and women) have tried to fill. 

Not solely just a rundown of romance in Wonder Woman, this episodes dives into relationship dynamics across Wonder Woman comic book history. And again, there's a lot more to it than just Steve Trevor. 

Episode 10: Wonder Woman's De-Powered Years As A Secret Spy

The late 60s were a weird time for Wonder Woman. Around then, the most famous of all female superheroes would lose her superpowers, costume, Amazon heritage, and her long-time beau Steve Trevor. Diana would get a super-stereotypical blind, Chinese sidekick, though, adding to the oddity. 

Otherwise known as the “MOD years” or “de-powered era,” this period in Wonder Woman history is very strange for so many reasons, and most people try to forget it ever happened. 

Not us, because Episode 10 of the Comics 401 podcast is going to you all about the adventures of the “new” Wonder Woman. Listen and find out how the most famous of all female superheroes became a glorified secret spy. 

Episode 3: How Powerful Is An Amazon Princess?

Wonder Woman Versus Superman

Wise as Athena, beautiful as Aphrodite, swift as Mercury, and stronger than Hercules. That's how Wonder Woman was introduced for decades, but what does that all mean?

How powerful is the mighty Amazon princess? 

Well, incredibly powerful is the answer, because Diana of Themyscira can take on the likes of Batman, Green Lantern, and yes, even the mighty Man of Steel himself, Superman. 

Episode 1: Origin Stories

Wonder Woman Origin Image

What is Wonder Woman's real name? Why is Wonder Woman a superhero? How does she have superpowers? Where does she come from? 

The answers aren't simple, mostly because they keep changing. Unlike many popular superheroes, Wonder Woman's origin story is always in a state of flux. 

From 1942 to now, we look at all of Wonder Woman's origin stories, how they've changed over the years, and what that means for the character. Find all that and more in the first episode of Volume 1 of Comics 401 "Origin Stories."